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Yoga shapes to awaken your creative genius

What does yoga have to do with awakening your inner creative genius?

The answer is simple in concept but the execution can be a little more challenging!

The more we slow down and spend time in quiet contemplation connecting to our hearts centre the more we are able to tap into the infinite possibilities of our creative genius.


The answers are in the stillness not in your chaos.

Creativity is like the quiet kid that sits up the back of the class. While all the rowdy kids are hands up with smart arse answers and doing armpit farts when the teacher goes to sit down, creativity sits quietly waiting for an opportunity to shine. If we, chaotic humans are, metaphorically speaking doing armpit farts all the time, creativity sits patient and silent, like a monk in a cave on a 3 year vipassana.

When you finally make time for personal peace, creativity starts to awaken and that silent patient kid from the back of the class slowly raises her hand to speak. Creativity is not loud and rambunctious she is calm and considered planting seeds of ideas the more silence the more seeds. You will come into alignment with the ideas, then curiosity is piqued and you start to get childlike excitement as that idea starts to germinate, Some ideas continue to grow some simply go back into the soils to reenergise the fertile lands of your imagination.

Enough with the metaphors.

So this week I published 3 really important books: Important to me and hopefully important to new to yoga I am not sure where to start or what to do yogis. The three books are:

  • Breathe Bend Sit Sustain

  • Yoga Journal

  • Joy & Happiness Planner

Click the link here to have a look at my Amazon Author Profile and Books! KitCatsBooks They are available in every Amazon territory, so you have no excuse!

But they are more than just books..... they are expressions of my creativity, if i didn't sit in quite contemplation three books would never have come to fruition.

Other things that are expressions of my creativity are the deodorant paste I made today that is going to be marketed as Perfectly Imperfect Pits, or my T-shirts & Tanks or Yoga Tops other random clothing items, my blogs, my social media; Instagram reels in particular and indeed my classes and trainings. This filters all the way down to my daily practice which manifests as a creative expression of what my body needs on any given day!

How do you actually tap into this infinite well of creativity?

The easy answer is meditation, ok so maybe thats not the easiest answer!! But that is why I wrote them there books so if meditation is a dirty word in your vocabulary you should definitely click on that link lol

But meditation is the answer, shapes that help release binds in the body to start and then finding ways to ground you and connect you as you open your heart and eventually your mind to the infinite possibilities of the universe , which is ultimately you!

Next up I am sharing 6 yoga shapes to spark your very own creativity, These shapes can be practised independently or you can add each of these on to the end of a Sun Salutation A or B to build some extra tapas or heat.

Childs pose or Balasana: is a beautiful pose for surrender, letting go of everything that is around you and focusing on your breath. In this shape you wrap your body in close to your heart and you surrender your mind. This may be just the start of something beautiful in the journey of connection to your heart & creative centre.

Malsana or Yogi Squat. This grounding shape pulls you down to earth grounding and connecting you letting go of lofty ideals an opening you up to the possibility of what you can do today. Opening the hips and letting go of what no longer serves you to make room for what will.

Goddess Pose, also known as Fierce Angle Pose is an empowering pose that helps boost energy in the body, heel down or heels raised or arms reaching up to the shy or resting at heart centre. This shape is calming while igniting a power from within, that boost we need to break through our blocks and feel empowered to fly our own creative flag

Half Moon, Ardha Chandrasana, this is one of my all time favourites this shape feel like you are expanding in all directions keeping you grounded with the supporting foot and releasing emotional binds as you externally rotate your legs and then the big thing here is finding the courage to gaze skyward towards your top hand and the infinite possibilities of the universe!

Bakasana or Crow Pose Any arm balances you do have to do with your heart chakra. the meeting point of our upper and lower chakras! Asking you to find the perfect balance of holding on and letting go leaning into the future relying on your lessons form the past. So much going on!!! Courage fearlessness connection compassion and you are flying!

Camel or Ustrassana or wheel pose or Danurasana(any versions)These are big heart opening shapes open the shoulders and the hips before you move into these shapes so that you have the freedom to move and explore the spaces. You have to learn to trust your entire body, having the courage to trust your self and open up through all 7 chakras. Its a full body work out and a massive work in!

Your breath brings you into this present moment, your daily flow is an expression of your creativity, your meditation connects you with your creative genius. when you have completed your practices always make time to find some personal peace, this is your moment if you are new to meditation that you may find that illusive mind disruption free moment of magic!

Every one is a creative being, all of you!!!! All we need to do is give your creativity space to step forward.

Your challenge this week is weaving one or two of these shapes into your practice!!

And have fun while you are doing it!!

Then find some quiet space and be in it just you and your breath, if you re uncertain as to how any of this magic comes about check out my socials get creatively cracking with Breath Bend Sit Sustain

Peas Love & Mung Beans


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