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Why Are Yogis So Happy? Dam Them.

They are every where, whether you are looking for them or not ....you are bound to come across one at some point in time.....Happy Yogis.... they are not just happy, but blissfully happy humans. Dam them.

The first Bikrim class I ever survived, I was dragging what was left of my physical body and mental state out of the stinky hot box.... I lifted my gaze and in a barely audible whisper wondered "who are these freakishly happy sweaty beings that have formed some sort of bendy gang??

Bikrim Yoga hurt, on so many levels, but I kept going and ket witnessing this bendy gang a "supplness" (their collective noun) of yogis be pre and post class healthy and happy and connected. It made me skrunkle my brow trying to figure out what they new that I didn't.

My questions unanswered, I kept practicing eventually I got a glimpse that my life actually had potential.

I drank the kool aid, I joined the bendy gang and learned how to share the practices that changed my life.


Mostly because I learned not to give to fucks and do the stuff that made my heart sing knowing that everything else will flow. See.... thats the kool aid... But seriously when you follow the system of yoga ... this is what happens you have no choice THE YOGA IS GONNA GETCHA

Here is why we are happy:

1. We learned how to breath better and we practice it. We learn to become aware of our breath then we learn to control it for all sorts of different outcomes! We are literally practicing our breathing techniques All. The. Time. We could be Ujjayi victorious breathing all the time not just on the mat. We know the impact of better breathing on every system, organ and cell in our body . We know it changes our physical mental and spiritual states and makes us well beings.

It is one of the greatest gifts of our practice.

2. We move, we move it baby! Every day we do something that is going to create a little heat and release tensions that are restricting our natural state of flow. We tune in and do things that are good for our bodies, minds and spirits... our attitude towards everything really. From stretches to handstands we move to feel good, we bend so that we can find stillness. When you practice, you raise seratonin, oxycotin and GABA levels in your body; Happy has everything to do with chemical reactions in your body

3. We let go of what no longer serves us. Let go of what you don't want to make room for what you do. The first time that I heard this I was 16 and I was not in a yoga class it was an Amway convention. It took me another 30 years to understand what those words actually meant and how I could apply them in my life. Now its a practice that is integrated into my state of being. Does it get tested occasionally?... For sure. No baggage here... I am carry on only baby! When you persevere what you learn on the mat has permeates your daily life. LIFE CHANGING STUFF.

4. We bend so we don’t break. I have actually used this line in an elevated discussion. But I had to learn this and I have always considered myself resilient- ish on the outside (I cried on the inside) Yogis are resilient to the bone, now so am I.

Yoga teaches us to be flexible, not just on the mat, but when life stuff is happening.

We take our sthira sukham asanam (steadiness and ease) off the mat and into real life.

5. We sleep well. I added mouth taping to this which is like winning sleep lotto. There are so many benefits from yoga and you can target a plethora of outcomes form your practices. There are certain yoga poses can also bring us peace and relaxation as we wind down the day. The net net is we can find stillness at anytime. When you are free of injury and pain and your body is in optimal health and your are breathing your best breaths. You. Sleep. Better #winning

6. We sit in stillness. We spend time figuring out how to be in stillness with ourselves and connect to our higher consciousness. From this we have a sense of wholeness and belonging. Our yoga practice asks us to do a whole lotta self study and reflection to heal and realise our wholeness. You can hide uncomfortable feelings in a whole lotta activities or you can resolve that stuff through your yoga practice.

7. Creative energy flows freely. In every thing that we do, whether we are working, playing, or practicing , we have recreated the connection between our our hearts and minds, this is what allows our spiritual energy flow and inspire creativity in others. I have always been creative but this is next level. Every one of us is a creative being, you just have uncover the tools to tap that well of endless possibilities.

8. Self love is a natural state. We love, accept, and know ourselves and our bodies inside and out. (or at least we are learning to) In pranayama and yoga asana we learn to cultivate a deeper sense of body awareness. We are in control of how we feel, we tune into our bodies to relieve and repair dis - ease.

We know that love is the answer and that starts with your own hear housed in your own body.

9. Non Yogary stuff is way better. Yes the body breath stuff is awesome but finding a connection to your authentic self and allowing her or him to show up in your relationships, your business for your clients and your kids is a game changer. It allows you to be open and receptive to new relationships, opportunities an adventures. Its where yoga becomes your state of being and your life starts to visibly change on the outside.

10. Our relationship with food changes. As we continue to breathe bend sit and evolve many of us find that it is easier to keep our diets clean. We eat the occasional donut and lemon meringue pie..... oh yeah thats probably just me....... but we don't rave on about being vegan and vegetarian.. it is about balance, about finding what serves you on any given day and wanting to look after the physical body that carries your creative spirit.

11. BONUS The sex is better. Whether its a DIY moment of bliss or shared experience. You are more connected to you, you are more connected to the other person or people, no judgement here!

If points 1-10 didn't get you on your rubber rectangle.... clearly point number 11 is the motivator for sure!!

I have written a few books and have a few classes and courses to get you started:

  • Breathing Through Stress & Anxiety

  • Breathe Bend Sit Sustain

  • Joy & Happiness Planner

When we find a way to integrate breath, yoga asana and meditation practices into our lives on a deeper, more spiritual, emotional, and intellectual level. we practice what we love in all parts of our lives

We are in yoga, balance or union thats the secret.

So, drink the kool aide, its life changing


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