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The Fear Factor. Somatimes itsa good somatimes itsa bad.

That is probably my worst attempt at an Italian accent like ever, Its the truth though.

The other day my friend Mark was telling me a story about a lucky escape in Bali's recent big swells. No stranger to fat waves was out swooshing about loving his life in those giant water walls, when his leg strap broke and he was tumble dumped, instead of riding the wave in he was served up on rocks at the base of a cliff.in Uluwatu. He then climbed out over the rocks, had a chat with some mates at the top and upon spotting his board that had washed up on the only visible patch of sand at the base of the cliff. He climbed back down the cliff, reached his board paddled out and surfed him self back to shore. He was totally smiling as he told this story, my eye brows were hard core raised in you did what mode.

Sometimes fear is a good for us , it can literally save our lives.

Without fear, you wouldn’t live very long because you wouldn’t be aware of nor would you give a rats furry behind about any threats around you. But if we let fear go unchecked or don't question what we are not doing and for what reason we are not doing it, fear can stop us from reaching our full potential.

From the time we exit the womb as mini humans we are equipped with very basic survival instincts like crying for food, love and attention. As we navigate growing up we are gifted with the experiences of those around us with programming necessary to protect us. Fear makes us alert to danger and prepares us to deal with any dinosaurs that come running at us.

Feeling fear in the right dose can be fun and exciting, the "F" word gives you a natural high and a sense of empowerment woop woop! Getten scared releases adrenaline and other chemicals like dopamine, endorphins oxytocin and serotonin which helps your brain to work more efficiently. Physically when you are under stress, when your body and brain are getting loaded with adrenaline and dopamine, your heart rate speeds up increases your blood pressure which floods your muscles with oxygen so your are fight or flight ready. Buzzy buzz buzz butterflies before a yoga class, are a good thing.

What are you afraid of?

Fear is usually caused by a belief that something is going to cause us pain or is just plain dangerous.

Some fears appear totes rational, justified by aforementioned programming and influenced by our own life experiences and trauma. Other fears can be completely irrational all the way to down right strange.

Irrational fear can stop us in our tracks break our confidence, making us feel as though you are not good enough not worthy enough and don't have whatever it would take to achieve your potential

We often suffer more from imagination than from reality

Learning to overcome what scares the living crap out of you is an essential life skill. Figuring this out will enable you to push past hesitations, develop, innovative and disrupt industries. It will allow you to create the life of your dreams, allowing you find more joy and happiness. You must learn to recognise manage and master your fears. Then use your fears to your advantage.

But How?

  • Learn to breathe through those scary buggers

  • Observe your thoughts and emotions this can help identify what triggers your fear feelings.

  • Write down or talk about your fears, this can help release negative thoughts.

  • Look at it from a different perspective, like really

  • Ask yourself "How true is my fear"?

  • Consider different angles of your fear instead of just focusing on the negative

  • Do more yoga shapes, challenge yourself!

No yoga teacher worth their salt will tell you to chuck all caution to the wind and fling yourself into shapes that strike fear into your hearts centre. There’s a reason you should seek out an experienced yoga teacher you need someone calm who’s been there done that to calmly say: “great job! just breathe"

What happens on the mat rolls out into real life, doing the scary stuff on your rubber rectangle will help you over come fear in real life. Like Mark on his surf adventure.


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