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Tears of a Yogi Adventure Mum

Today I woke up late, me and Charlie high tailed it to @omiesbali for our morning coffee, there had been a light early morning rain that softened the heat of the rising sun so we walked plus I read somewhere walking was beneficial to ones health.

Advice section: My first coffee makes me a nicer human, so try to avoid talking to me before that. If you do, you be prepared for the likely hood of getting an fake nice morning response or non coherent mumbling. Just let me enjoy my coffee no problems just peace.

Charlie was the very stoned recipient of 4 stitches in her right paw 2 weeks ago, after cutting her foot on something in the small river that flows down to meet the ocean at Pantai Seminyak. It was a bloody mess to be honest and has been high maintenance as she fought to remove the bandages and nip at the stitches. She succeeded in licking her stitches out and a return visit to the vet yielded a very cool purple bandage right up to her doggy armpit. Today was her first day bandage free, as far as I know has no other puppy concerns, nor has she mentioned her thoughts on any travel bans.

I don't look at my devices in the morning. I visualise, I breathe I meditate & wake myself up for coffee and participation on the world stage. 6 out of 7 days there is morning practice so quite often I don't get to my phone until 10 or 11am. Sunday is a rest day I will still visualise, meditate & practice my breathing but the phone does manage to weasel its way into my hot little hand, so I sit back for some allocated scroll time. A message from a friend in the UK about no international arrivals or departures for Australians until mid 2022 along side his marriage proposal. Then in my face book feed a story reposted from a mainstream source saying the same, scroll down to an aptly timed Balinese art work of a traditional dancer flipping us all, or perhaps just Australia the bird.

Maybe it was my lake of sleep due to annoying beagles next door, maybe it was because its mothers day and being so close yet so far from my mum and my daughter. Maybe it was the rain. This news was the tipping point for tears lots off tears, I immensely disliked Australian elected decision makers in this moment (and in many others). I would have hated them, but mum always wanted me to have diversity in my vocabulary and often lectured younger kitty that "hate" was a very "strong" word. I had a momentary flash of why am I here in Bai and not there? Then I remembered that I was still free to travel, while Australians in Australia are not. Plus I have a restaurant, a dog and students to share practice, breathe & meditate with.

What does Australia think it is going to do? Stay closed for ever??? How do you go from zero tolerance to acceptable rates of transmission/ illness and potential deaths. Is quarantining and forced lockdowns a part of Australias forever future??? What is the five year pan here???? More tears. I don't have the answers, but..... are enough of us asking the questions? Or have we put the conversation in the pantry and hidden it behind the red kidney beans.

The conversation with my vaccinated friend in the UK was also not helping, our friendship has survived 22 years of..... well our friendship lol. We both like to poke the bear but can have very different perspectives sometimes. He is one of the smartest people I know.

My daughter called to chat, I cried some more then made some pancakes, baked a cake, bought some crypto, and wrote this blog. This is one of those moments when I want vegemite on toast but I am pretty sure that it would make me cry hard out. So I turned its label to the back of the fridge like it was in the naughty corner.

Conversations with my daughter always spark joy. She is funny AF we laugh a lot, reminisce about baking cookies, she tells me stories and asks about recipes, while I try not to cry and occasionally interrupt with a song. She swears on her MacBook that as soon as Kingsford Smith is open for international departures she is on the first plane out, just her and a passport. I told her not to pack anything just make a run for it... we can get everything we need as we go a adventuring.

Happy Mothers day to all the mums and kids that are separated and missing each other today. I am extremely grateful for FaceTime


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