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Separation anxiety, Netflix and 9 seasons of Suits

Last week had to call my best friend via messenger to to share my separation anxiety and check if I am going nuts "going?" she asks with a chuckle. Its because I wake up wondering if Donna & Harvey will have a baby? I want to see Louis develop as Managing Partner and witness his and Shelias baby grow up! Did you know Sheila Saz was Stu's domineering girlfriend in The first Hangover movie??? Does Katrina Bennet get a solo in the ballet recital at the adult ballet classes she goes to? If you a a dance movie lover you know that she starred in Centre Stage & was a professional ballerina. What are Mike & Rachael up to in Seattle, Why couldn't we see the new firm? Did Meghans acting improve? Why couldn't Prince Harry have a cameo? There is no way that Rachael wouldn't have been at Louis and Sheila's wedding. I know that Jessica Pearson got her own series - but I can't watch it on Netflix its not available.

Honestly its ridiculous. I watched 9 seasons, all 114 episodes of suits in two weeks. I couldn't believe that I had never even been tempted to watch it, what rock was I under??? Law & Order always had a special place in my heart, my grandmother and I used to have a pot of tea & mini violet crumbles while watching our weekly episode. Its a ritual I have passed down to my daughter. Last year in New York I snapped a selfie of her with a New York city police car and we go so excited when we stood on the steps of the NYC Law Courts & took photos just like lawyers walking out after an arraignment. Some times we just send each texts with the words "bow bow" (crying with laughter)

We can blame the fact that I haven't had a TV for about 8 years, so that would account for 6 seasons, I think I may have been fighting in family law court for the first two years, so yup it slipped through my law court drama radar, unwatched.

The first time I got Netflix I was living in remote North West Western Australia, I wanted to watch the Netflix docu-series about Dr Dre. Its a fascinating insight if you are looking for a good watch. After that here was about 3 months where Netflix had me pegged as a 49 year old gangster rapper & I didn't think that they actually ran any other programming... so I deleted the app lol.

At some point when I was I arrived in Bali I reinstated the app, wastefully paying $15 a month for it to park on my phone. Fact was I was too busy to watch Netflix, when I rolled into bed it was for sleep, my eyes shut, pretty sure I was to tired to even snore.

Enter Camp Covid the whole world got enrolled in this ongoing staycation. It took me about 3 months to rekindle my relationship with Netflix. Bali emptied out, most of my friends left, the village I live in emptied so I allowed my self to watch one movie a week. I love going to the movies my iPhone is a poor substitute for the big screen however once I popped my phone in a tripod put my AirPods off I ventured too movie world.

I can work quite productively with noise around me, I understand Its not everyones cup of tea. I love a busy cafe, Netflix at home keeping me company, a podcast is just like a couple of friends around for coffee or an audio book telling me a story while I fix a power point or edit a video.The only time this doesn't work is in flight, not that, thats an issue right now... I am crap at woking on a plane I am asleep on my space bar in under 5 minutes.

This 114 episodes of Suits really had me hooked I have binge watched other series Queens Gambit, GoodGirls Frankie & Grace. I am pretty sure I was doing drugs or drinking or gambling in the same way I binged on Netflix that someone would stage an intervention and I would find myself in Netflixers Anon quick smart.

But no, its a completely legal way to withdraw from all social interaction and bond with fictitious characters. You might miss a few hours sleep a night because you need your next episode fix.... Normally your in bed at 10pm, now its 1 am and you still have to be up at 6. Fresh hell, but you can do it you cheer yourself on, after all there is only another 4 seasons to go! You actually talk yourself into believing that this behaviour is completely normal, rain becomes an excellent reason to stay on your couch and binge some more. And some more.

The next thing you know you have run out of seasons & episodes. Rachael & Mike have left, The named partners have changed more time than you have changed underwear, In season seven you have really gone all out and GoJek ordered home delivery pizza so you didn't have to break the binge to get food. Harvey & Donna finally get it aaawwwne, I had a teary, they get married, I love her dress. And its over, I was like what happens now??? So I googled all the characters, researched all I could. Annnnd.... I have been having withdrawals for the past 2 weeks. I even watched the final episode a second time and it was equally as satisfying. I loved that it ended on a happy note. but devastated that's was over.

Its getting easier. I still think of all the characters fondly. In a series like this I felt like I watched them grow up over 9 years, during my two week binge. I am not sure that I would have had the patience to wait for each weekly episode, let-a-lone the cliff hanger season end. aearrrgggh. How did I make it week to week over 12 years ,1088 episodes of A country Practice on a box like TV when I was a kid???? Or 6 years 94 episodes of Sex In The City?? Honestly I hated waiting for a whole week for another episode. I missed Samantha, Carie, Charlotte & Miranda dearly when they left my flat screen. This 2 week binge was different it was all in then the bandaid was ripped off. I have tried other series but I am just not interested. I need a little time. The separation anxiety is real.

How easy it was to go from mostly normal functioning yogi to binge watching Suits junkie.

To think this is how I spent so much of my life ... coming home form work, the gym, whatever flopping on the couching & mindlessly watching TV and all the ads that came with it. At least I don't get the ads on Netflix. But wow when I look at how easily I was sucked right back in to something that I has not been a part of my reality for some 7 years. Its is no wonder our programming and mindset are a little whack, why it takes so much effort to undo it all.

Although I am having withdrawals, I enjoyed the binge, so I am being kind to me - not berating my TV junkie pizza eating alter ego. I am slowly letting go, well mostly....The interesting thing is that I can see what I did to me while I was in the binge. It was an unhealthy obsession leaving little room for much else.

Still feeling occasional pangs for my Suit-ably entertaining friends. But I guess its like Cookie Monster says "cookies(Netflix) are a sometimes food"


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