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Put a Finger Down & Then Some Toes, You Might Be a Yogi Edition

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

There are some things that we do that get us labeled........ and Yogis are no exception! This is my list of 15 things that could perhaps get you labeled YOGI

If you google "what is a Yogi?" you are informed the big G that a yogi is a dedicated practitioner of yoga and yogic philosophy, including but not limited too:


Yoga Asana-Bend

Meditation -Sit

Yogis are guided by ancient ethics as prescribed in the Yoga Sutras and other yogic texts

Any one that has gone to yoga classes, desired more from their classes begins to understand that as you open the door explore and deepen your practices, you are on the "life in yoga ride", which you cant get off (nor do you want to). You might just travel different paths but you always remain connected to the life changing practices.

Just writing this, does it mean.........that......... I am a Yogi??

I have never called my self a Yogi, I haven't felt that I am worthy of that title. The yogis that I study with are far more knowledgable, and a whole list of other enviable qualities and also way less easily distracted than I.

I have only ever considered myself a sharer of practices

So here is the put a finger down & then some toes Yogi edition.

Put a finger down if you.....

1. you have started saying you are "in your practice" you no longer "go to" or "do yoga" and know it is so much more than bendy stuff on a rubber rectangle with 20 other sweaty humans.

2. You schedule your life around aforementioned practices

3. You have several yoga mats for different purposes and always have one with you, just in case.

But you actually don't use any of them for your personal practice.

4.Your OOTD always accommodates the possibility of any yoga or yoga related activities.

5. You don't have a home yoga studio — your home is your studio.

6. Sanskrit is a language that you are learning.

7. You actually shift you perspective every time you come out of an inversion

8. Breath work is not a class, its how you breathe and pay attention to your breath throughout your day

9. You chant mantra instead of the top 40

10. Your relationship with food has changed, have probably at one point or another been vegan or vegetarian but no longer label how you eat or feel compelled to tell others.

11. It feels more comfy to sit in lotus or Sukhasana and you know what Sukhasana means

12. Shoes are weird.

13. You stand in tree pose when ever you have to stand still for any reason.

14. You touch your hand to your heart every time you are introduced to or meet new people.

15. You are constantly leaning in to find Sthira Sukham Asanam in every aspect of your life

I have five toes left lol, I would live to know where you are at or if indeed you would like to add anything to this list that I have forgotten!!!

As I write this an Indian flick is keeping me company (RRR on Netflix) I think about my travel to India and the purpose of that travel, the number of mala that I own, the yoga books that accompany me on my travels and are a constant source of reference as I continue to learn. My Ganesha statues, singing bowls, incense, and how I have minimised my foot print in the world...

The deeper you dive into your practices (there I go again) the less I feel compelled to evangelise or dictate how why when and what your missing out on.

I do however want to continue to share my learnings and encourage people to sustainably weave the practices of Breath Asana & Meditation into their lives.

xxx kit & Charlie

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