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My life in Bali, The Covidcoaster

Five puppies have become three with me waving bye bye to Bill & Rissole who have gone to their new furever homes. They will be well loved & mauled by children who are embarking on their first love affair with these little furry love weasels. I remember my first furry love Big Ted.....His memory is so heavily imprinted on my 6 year old heart that after a stroll down this memory lane I named the biggest one of this litter Big Ted. He has literally turned out to be a really giant loveable teddy bear. He is naughty, bitey & super playful the tough guy, dare devil. These remaining three BT, Rukus & Charlie hear my anklets as I am trying to sneak around and there is no escape, they are literally ankle biters, so much love for naughty puppies!!

This week I tried to video a yoga tutorial with them in the shoot..... I was like everyone likes puppies & yoga! They were so cute I couldn't lock them out. Well that was until one of them wee'd on the floor. I captured that magic moment & it literally makes me laugh out loud. You can't fake reacting to life! you can watch it here puppies & kit . FYI they got put outside until I finished filming & then let them back in where I pretended to be in savasana while they chewed my hair. So no no move yoga puppy videos, well maybe....

So here we are in week eleventy nine....

I was wandering what this stage was? I was trying to figure out if I was depressed? My conclusion is that I am not (phew)... I am just so used to being in my busyness that I didn't know really what a quiet life was, even thought I THOUGHT I WAS LIVING ONE!!! That made me laugh out loud at how far I had actually come from my first attempts to slow my self down. The first stage of this evolution involved my quitting my Paddington Sydney life and driving "cross Straya" to where the sun sets over the ocean. Eventually in the quieter moments I regained my courage & began to reconnect with actual Kit...... until my life in yoga whispered "you are good to go, fly be free"

Then we got chucked on the Covidcoaster. Not like we had a choice of whether we wanted a ticket on the ride. It was just sit down, shut up & hold on tight. Maybe you relate?

The buckle up. Fear & uncertainty with a side order of anxiety. Fights cancelled, countries close & lockdowns announced K.Razy times. This was the data collection phase where we looked at all the possibilities & try not to shit the bed. Everyone was freaking out. Just like when you get in the roller coaster & they wont let you take your handbag on & you have to leave it at the side of the ride..... worried if it will be there when you get back from the ride from hell. WTF.

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. To the clickety clack of the covidcoaster. We were ON IT. This is the part where you are on the roller coaster & like really on it, going up the hill no chance to get off now. Suck it up sister, still trying not to shit the bed.

We got given several editions of the play book which was loose at best, updated daily & rated "pretty murky" on the clarity scales. We got busy creating our new normal, chatting with friends via Face time, everyone "went live" & now the world knows what Zoom is.

It was a warp speed rearranging of every aspect of our lives.

Job/ no job? work form home/ sudden self employment? Tutor for the kids? What you want me to teach them? NFW. No you can't visit your mum for tea & cake a Sunday roast, remote tears only. No to the hairdresser but yes to the dentist? I am still not sure.

This is where you insert the Deer Jokes, as in .......What do you call a deer with no eyes, no legs & no balls? ........ still no fucking IDeer bahahahaha Makes me laugh every time.

Let It Go. Whilst singing the theme song from Frozen1 out loud or in your mind ... either way, you know the ride will be over soon so you just let it go & relax, you may or may not have shat the bed. Exhaustion equals Netflix & eventual..... well nothing cause we are physically & mentally bloody exhausted. We may not have realised it, but we expended a fucktonne of mental energy trying to "keep it together" in the first two phases. We are now wrecked, rest & recover my friends rest & recover. We also had a lot of time to read during this phase ..... any conspiracy theories running around upstairs??

Uptown funk. We get off the ride. TFFT. We are still a little wobbly walking funny & living with the promise of return to normal. This is when is a state of restfulness we actually consider getting back on the roller coaster cause it felt good. Like the woman that forgets how painful child birth is because the squidgy little mini human that she made smells so dam good. Our inner devil child says "join the queue, go hard" Higher relaxed self says "chill bro".

Uptown Funk was where I started to wonder if I was depressed..... just because the busyness had kinda actually disappeared, I just didn't know what slow felt like! Basically I don't think that I have EVER been gifted the space to just be. Like really just be and I am working on being ok with that - now- which is two weeks after I first had that thought.

As we see plans for countries to re open we are in this no mans land, but we do have time to think about, manifest & create what it is that we really want. There are a mcbillion articles both rumour based & factual about the world opening up & lifting of travel restrictions, the new normal of travel, one needs to only open FaceBook. Am pretty sure there is betting money changing hands as new plans come to light. I am ignoring most of them & instead focusing on manifesting the life that I want.

Rather than getting on the short term hustle planwagon. I am gonna sit with how I feel not make hurried pressure decisions that I am known to be oh so so good at. What do I actually want for the next 6 to 12 months? I don't think I have ever had this opportunity before in my life. Maybe this is what a "gap year" is actually supposed to look like? Not a Contiki tour of every bar & singles hotspot in Europe. To be fair I never went on a Contiki tour of anything but my daughter did & I am not silly enough to think I got that whole story.

This time we have the time like for real, so I am gonna hug some puppies, not do too much & let it happen let it manifest.... just kinda figure it out when the time is right & not forced by some tricked up panic at the disco deadline.

I think I like this new normal


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