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My life in Bali & so the story goes

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Hello yogi friends & Bali residents & other peeps everywhere & anywhere else!

I genuinely hope that you are well, this has been a stressful week for some us.

In a corona wilderness where where we dealt with our fear & anxiety, crazily restructured our lives, heaved a collective sigh in exhaustion & then, having been gifted time started to ask questions & maybe we had leaned into self study.

Just as we may have started to make peace with what ever this was going to be for the foreseeable future, our covid existence took a back seat. From all corners of the world we witnessed jarring iPhone captured footage of police brutality & suddenly we have been called to rally & undo the systemic racism that exists right under our very noses, Australia yes you too... its the same subject just different soil. Yet our leaders see to remain pusillanimous showing a lack of courage or determination or timidity on the subject....is it just to big? Where do you start?

Our elected leaders were far from pusillanimous when handing out covid commands, they may have been a little dizzying & unpredictable, but inevitably they shut us down and locked us up. Now, there is literally a global revolt.

Is this the reawakening of the collective consciousness that we are all one & the same? Or is it a monumental fiery release after months of confinement? I hope its the reawakening.

Black Lives Matter.

I have genuinely loved, felt inspired by & cried watching some of my yogi friends & online family stand up, tell stories & ask questions. Questions that we have lived with out knowing the answer too. On the Gram you can check out @marysia_do @hot_chocolate_yogi @chris.walker.official @hannahrosecluley @meditatingwithdeandre

We didn't even know that we needed to or could ask questions to even scratch the surface of understanding. Perhaps if we did have questions often we have felt to inhibited to ask them. There were moments of connection understanding that we can all face challenges. We all have the same bright light shining within us, the pigment in our skin does not change this.

All Lives Matter.

We are born to love

We are taught to hate

We can unlearn & return

What do we do? how do we make a difference? Wake up, Speak Up, Ask Questions, Be the Change. If you stop asking questions or stop learning thats when it is all over. There is or shouldn't be a "my way or the highway" attitude to anything. The people that are driving change are the ones that are asking the questions & like the "but why?" kid in school, these are our agent provocateurs, they are our heroes right now pushing boundaries demanding answers.

Looking for insight? Check out the movie Just Mercy or the Netflix docufilm 13th.

Does everything else kind of seem trivial or pale by comparison???

Back in Bali some bule dominated Banjars have opened beaches for surfers & sunsets... Echo Beach is 100% far away in time & some alternate reality.....Is it relevant to the number of bule in residence?? What about the local spots? When do we get our beaches back? I don't know, the Peclang don't know... there is no announcement.

So I distract myself with puppies, yoga & finding new & delicious local dining experiences.

I have learned some new words this week

"memperbaiki" - bahasa -to fix & "petard" english - a small bomb in a box that will blow a hole in a door or wall. Quite interesting the stuff that you can absorb when your open to learning. Both these words seemed strangely appropriate considering what was going on all over the planet.

The current world events have pushed me out of the bubble that I seemed to be resting in, into action of sorts. I have had some odd thoughts over the past few weeks during my pondering moments.. such as:

I wonder if that bird is enjoying flying that high this morning?

Why do I have to stand up a little bit when I need to fart while riding my scooter?

Whats am I going to eat today?

Am I ever going to fit in somewhere?

I am alone but I am not lonely, but I would like it if I wasn't alone as much.

Where are my spirit guides?

What am I going to eat today?

Is what I write & have to say interesting valid provocative?

After seeing the flightiness of the list above I figured I should put my brain to better use, so I turned my thinking to creating some thoughts of appreciation and started to make a list of 25 people that had changed my life. This was more interesting it made me think about people that had challenged me both positively & at the time of the challenge to change may have hurt me deeply. Often felt like personal attack (& some were) leaving me to wonder if I was good enough or worthy of this life? But somehow even these dark moments managed to squeeze some change, even if I couldn't see it at the time or fought hard out against it.

My next-door neighbour here in Bali for teaching me to ride a scooter - My Bali independence & adventure - game on.

The yoga teacher here in Bali that told me you can't teach an old dog new tricks - seriously??- I was super hurt buy this agist remark - but ultimately redirected me to the reason that I choose living here in Bali working with my clients finding connection to their authentic self & more joy filled life, a life in Yoga.

My primary school teacher that let me be my quirky creative self - I some how adopted a black beanie I found in a gutter I washed it & much to my mothers disgust wore that beanie for months She used to call me a reject from the Russian Ballet... I just loved that she thought that I could even get as far as the Russian Ballet even to be rejected.(mum what did happen to that beanie?????)

My mum for teaching me to sew

Bikrim Yoga & 26 shapes for initiating me by hot room fire opening the door for me to go on my life in yoga journey.

The list grew from 25 to 40 to 50 and continues to grow every day, I love that when I come back to the list I can always think of someone new that has influenced my life, even though at the time these incidents have been negative, I have learned to look for the light in the darkest of times & finding my self forgiving people for injustices or hurtful painful injurious situations, I have been through some completely shit there is no light dark fucking times. Without a life in yoga & the journey that I have been on via my rubber rectangles over the years I wouldn't know these lessons or redirections, or even the art of letting go. Another lesson in appreciation right there. I know that there are more things to ad to that list.

We are shaped by the stories & experiences they make up the very fabric of this life its how we choose to deal with these experiences that truly makes the difference.


p.s. If you are interested in learning more about my Bespoke Transformation program please shoot me a message yogis@perfectlyimperfectyogis.com am always happy to have a chat😍

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