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My Life in Bali: Covid controversy & why conspiracies can make you cray cray

Updated: May 26, 2020

So this week started out much like any other week.... with a coffee at The Farmer Brews in Seminyak. They have their own coffee farm in Kintamani called Belantih- A small family business that grows & lovingly processes the beautiful beans before they are roasted in store and specifically, scientifically squeezed by my smiling coffee family into my morning brew, while I check on the progress of the rice crop out the back windows that open on to the sawah. Not been there yet?? Go

That is pretty much the start to my every day, I do a few digital deeds & annoyingly text a boomerang of me consuming aforementioned coffee to a) My daughter: This exchange is our wake up call to let each other know we are good to engage in life lol. b) To my bestie Kate back in remote NW Australia who now calls me boomer... c) Lastly to a group text with my sister in Brisbane who asks "whats with the fast moving vids kit"??? I take time to explain boomerangs to her... mostly because I have the time to do this, where as before I may have been tempted to respond with "google it". Then again I probably wouldn't have sent these video love note reminders of my existence, cause I was to busy in my pre COV life.

Then its off home to make some shapes on my rubber rectangle. This week I craved & I caved tuning into digitally delivered asana directions. Today was my fourth class with my laptop speaking at me through my UE Roll. As a professional sharer of rubber rectangle shape making, befriending of the breathe & mindful sitting.... At first it felt like a weakness, like I wasn't good enough or disciplined enough (completely not true as evidenced by my daily commitments to my practice) to manage on my own. But I sighed after the first sun salutation & realised that I like someone else telling me what to do... I didn't have to think I could just be. Sweet relief indeed.

Moving through the week:

Day 1 class one: 1hr 15 minutes of Intermediate vinyasa. Obeyed the teachers every instruction, verbatim.

Day 2 class two: 52 minutes of intermediate vinyasa. Obeyed instructions & snuck in few extra asana. Stayed longer in Savasana, stayed for mediation.

Day 3 class three: 1.04 minutes of intermediate vinyasa. Loosely abided by the narrative sneaking in bits & bobs my body asked me for, stayed well into teachers next video in pigeon pose & other shapes. Eventually moved to savasana & to my meditation.

Day 4 Class four: 1hr 20mins intermediate vinyasa. This was more like keeping me company while I move kinda thing lol. Definitely extra shapes more time in savasana, pranayama then meditation.

I realised as I came out of my meditation that it was not my practice & dedication that was lacking but the energy of the collective that my practice has been devoid of... that connection to other humans as we breathe bend & flow in our moving energy exchange. While not even close to collective practice I am super happy to have a teacher chatting away in the back ground while I selectively tune in and out from their cues.... A virtual collective!!! thanks my fellow yogi onliners :) So if you haven't given this a crack you definitely should I have plenty of tutorials on my youtube channel to help you build a home practice so you can selectively listen to me too LOL you can find them on YouTube just search or copy & paste Kit Cat Perfectly Imperfect Yogis.

This is such a beautiful time in Bali. The month of Ramadan many people go home to kampung on far away islands.... This year obviously providing monumental challenges for many. The fasting month is a tough ask when you are working. I am an intermittent faster but puasa during Ramadan is harder. I have given it a go a couple of times out of respect for people that I lived with, my only failing has been that my birthday usually falls somewhere in the month.... So I will admit to this one time sneak eating of cake and a grape Fanta, total sugar overload and the double whammy feeling both sick and guilty! During Ramadan you have to get up before sunrise to eat & can't eat again until call to prayer as the sun sets.... I can't blame anyone for not having the energy to do regular life stuff...

While humans wind down the wind picks up, its kite season. The sky is a sea of black dots tethered to invisible strings. When the kites return to earth they are monstrous beasts often being transported by a motor bike that threatens to lift off at any moment and probably could do too, with thanks to the massive aerodynamic structures they are transporting. Pretty sure its only the weight of the pillion co pilot that keeps them grounded. You see little kids with little kites drop everything to help dad with the grandmaster monster of kites He is the kite king. Often post harvest rice fields become the base for several flyers battling to keep themselves on the earth & the plastic sheet monster in the sky. I did have to laugh at a giant flying penis... ah Bali you are bold indeed. This time of the year usually signals the calm before the European tourist migration to Bali.

This week the natives have all got restless & the five puppies I am squeezing & feeding have gotten remarkably fat & are very bouncy! Conspiracy theories abound and our busy brains love love love to close the circuit on a story so that we can sleep at night. I am not a TV watcher haven't had one for about 6 years... I do have a guilty pleasure Netflix binge every now and again... but generally I am not a mainstream media watcher & have deleted the many things that would regularly pepper my digital dialogues with fear mongering BS. I choose not to buy into stories, am I not in control of manifesting my own reality or am I seriously deluded?? I choose to read & research things that are hopefully going to contribute to my betterment & bring about a happier more joyful life. But no, it seams this Carona biz has other ideas.

We seem to be spinning around wondering what to believe...... as business leaders, governments, their influencers (ok advisers) flip like fish out of water. We watch the expedited censorship of anything thing that doesn't sit with what mainstream is sprooking. Platforms that were created for the sharing of information the ones that have largely committed radio, TV & print media to a slow death, we watch as these once upon a time flotillas of freedom sell them selves down the censorship river. Where we once thought ourselves able to speak freely... our words are now policed, information censored & our posts deleted. A tenee tiny example -not being allowed to advertise masks on YouTube!! We are ravenous for the truth & this search for the truth has us clinging to what ever morsels of intrigue we happen across. It be make you cray cray..... It also means that any one that steps up & speaks out with alternative views is guaranteed to be hung, quartered & deleted & at the very least censored by mainstream.

Imagine if there was a medicare rebate for tumeric & psychiatrists taught pranayama!!! We would be hearing about it then wouldn't we??? How can governments that so vehemently stood against canabis turn around and say we were wrong canabis oil is awesome??... Ego & power primarily. Just because there isn't a rebate or a pro tumeric or pranayama advertisement on TV doesn't mean we should be warned off from trying both of these things or any other alternative things that resonate/ work for you. Who would have thunked it that Jay Shetty would be guiding Americans watching mainstream TV in a live meditation!! 20 years ago they would have called him wacko & pushed him to the side, but we are waking up! So how does change come about??? It comes from us - we the people asking questions making enquiries forging new paths & connection to the planet on which we live. I would be dead if it wasn't for my yoga practice & I am grateful that my immune system is boosted by my daily Jamu complete with tumeric & vitamin C from juicy oranges. These are some of the little parts of my personal narrative puzzle that saw me turn off the TV, shift to life in Yoga & find my health, happiness and move to beautiful Bali.

We don't have to believe every thought that we have.

We don't have to believe every word that is written or spoken.

It is our great joy as beings to enquire & evolve.

So why when we make enquiries are we being censored & taken down? Control loves fear & fear loves friends without them fear cannot exist. Does anyone actually know the answer??? I have gone down the rabbit hole like like Alice in wonderland looking for the answers to life as we know it. and that shit can make you cray cray. So i let go of the theories & I will focus on being the healthiest happiest version of me.

Really I would like to flip a switch & everyone wake up & get on with the good parts of life as we knew it...


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