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My life in Bali: A week of retrograde roaming

Another couple of weeks slide by here in Bali, we hardly even notice what day of the week it is.....another course completed & I now tell the time by the position of the sun. That last point is because my watch band broke so I have adapted to not wearing one lol.

I was feeling flat..... maybe it was lag of the full moon, the apparently never ending Mercury in retrograde or possible guilt for being somewhat lazy as a result of aforementioned universal inaction. Questions..... am I actually enjoying being kinda low-key lazeeee?

Sloth life aside I am still working, but its a different kind of work the kind I actually enjoy & its on my own terms, terms that I am still coming to terms with.

Super news this week!!!! Pantai Mesari Semiyak my beach backyard reopened, we even had a ceremony! Being able to walk from my front door 50m to sand in my toes fabulous is actually fabulous. The beach bars are open but not to the craziness levels that was Bali before camp covid. It feels like a respectful retro Bali you can almost see skritchy retro flicks across sunset that that I am soaking in.

There was a fairly serious blip this week, the OMG bule visa blip, that caused island wide bule panic. Bali International airport is not open, but bules who have enjoyed the emergency visa extension have been asked to extend their visas or leave the country with in 30 days.... did I mention that DPS is not open? This means at a guess about 6,000 bule will be leaving Bali a super hard hit to an already struggling a economy. Did I mention that the international airport is shut?? Not sure how they are leaving??....this will be an interesting 30 days. I am sure this update will have a few re writes & updates.

There have been some super memorable moments for me this past week, stuff that I have been wanting to do like squidge my toes deep in the powdery black volcanic sandy beaches of the south & a stay overhanging the ocean at Uluwatu seeing one of Bali's super impressive waterfalls. yes yes & yes! being able to ride the scooter has given me freedom to adventure to an endless list of insta-friendly locations.

Uluwatu is the hilly tip, highly hip of the South end of Bali. Most of its cliff side sand stretches lead to azure waters that are more access points for this surfing mecca & the stairs to get down the limestone cliffs are not for the faint of heart, the way up excellent for yoga butt.

I chose to stay at DreamSea Surf Camp which had been on my list for a while. If you haven't scoped my insta @perfectly_imperfectyogis or @adventuresofkitcat go for a drool. After navigating my scooter down a narrow "poo your pants" cliff road I pulled up to be greeted by monkeys, one of them attempting to ride a parked scooter & another that had absconded with an AC remote who was trying to make a call. They bared their teeth, I hissed back which is like monkey talk for let me through mofo's, they continued on their monkey way, the bike stayed put & the AC remote, well who knows?

This place is dreamy dreamy dreamy. Like everything that the words "dream & sea" conjure up. Overhanging the ocean, open your glass sliding doors & you are at one with the ocean. Hot guys carrying surfboards gave me whip lash, it was super hard to be subtle. Jumping on the gram at sunset 3 people I know where also enjoying the same view from the same location lol great minds & all that. Plus the camp covid rates are super attractive

The beach is only accessible at low tide & as the tide goes way out you may have to share that space with beach monkeys - bloody little sacred space invaders!! Sip fresh juice or have a coffee wine what ever & just be there. In fact I want to be there right now & I am sitting on the beach with sand in my toes as I type!! Due to camp covid the restaurant is not open (which I didn't know before getting there) so it was a return trip into town back up through monkey land & a ride up & down "poo your pants" cliff lane for food & some scooby snax.

Dreamsea, definitely coming back.

So this mercury retrograde stuff went on way too long leaving me asking was coffee just not my thing?? am I sliding onto depression?. Nah mate the universal feels were real,So happy its over I feel super energised this week. TFFT Last Sunday however, different story. I struggled to make any decisions, even about what to wear? & if I could be bothered to get coffee? I reasoned with my retrograding arse, that If I at least get dressed & imbibe a hot heavily caffeinated beverage I have at least a chance of making a decision.

Good plan, coffee consumed helmet on I am off to Leke Leke waterfall and easy hours ride.

I stop on the way for some tipat cantok and meet the locals who happen to be rapidly consuming Tuak or Aren palm "wine" as opposed to Arak locally made rice "wine" Why the word wine is applied I am not sure its just home brew alcohol fermenting away in rinsed out Bintang bottles, breakfast for these boys!

Next stop was Leke Leke, a 10 minute hike in to the jungle avoiding snakes & lizards... Its been shut for 4 months so they were clearly reclaiming their territory! I arrive at this spectacular spot with its perfectly placed mossy observation / selfie rocks & cool crisp waterfally water. The drop is about 75m & cause its been extra rainy the water velocity is fierce so I can't get all the way under so fresh clean & sparkly. Only a few other souls ventured in while I was there & it was super to meet some new peeps & hear about their camp covid experience. One fellow had hiked 180km across the island to raise money for struggling Balinese families. Bless.

Next stop was Handara Gate, as in super gram worthy Gates of Heaven. Black volcanic rock gates with a misty mountain back drop, usually draped in very low hanging cloud are breathtaking. You would think that this would be a temple or have cultural significance .... I suppose it does if you like golf.... its a gold club. lmfao. Security aka The Gate Keeper, on arrival Our conversation is in Indonesian:

me: "Hi how are you, is it ok if I can go take a photo of the gates?"

Security: "good thanks. No, you can drive through the gates, eat in the club house, play golf or stay in the hotel but you cannot stop at the gates they are shut by order of the government" (Did he say golfer-ment???)

me: "so....the gates I can drive through are shut?"

security: "yes"

me: (in English under my breath) "Ah Bali you little island of weirdness, how I love you"

Makes total sense, in Bali.... I clarify it one more time just incase I am a total Indo language newbie. No getting off the bike for a selfie. Got it.

I ride through the gates I hope that he is sending my on a mystery tour to perhaps bigger better more heavenly gates?.... alas he is not. I turn a round & head back, I get an idea at how to beat the game!! I ride through those gates with my phone in video selfie mode. Winning!!!! I jag the video.... its pretty funny... Upon my return I share it with the gate keeper, he laughs and pats my back nodding at my ingenuity.

We chat a little longer he turns away 6 cars while I am standing there.... no wonder the gates are shut by order of the Golferment. He then magically offers to take my selfie... I get 2 metres closer to the gates not push my luck & he snaps some for me...I capture a few with him & me together, the gates are behind him like little horns out the top of his head we laugh a lot.

Other highlights of this day include Bedugul with its giant road side corn statue so Straya & amazing local markets. I chatted with local ladies & at delish home made kueh. I buy fresh picked strawberries there are rabbits for sale everywhere!

Before heading back down the mountain I sat on the side of the road over looking the misty lake& had veggo Bakso- soup- It was delish. Up the mountain the weather is 10 degrees lower & you are just 1 hour from the beach! I wish I had two extra layers of clothes I contemplate putting on my raincoat, for the ride home.

I am so glad that I caffeinated my retrograding arse & rode up a mountain.


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