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My coffee ritual, its a mindful, blissful daily ritual.

If you know me you know that I love my morning coffee, one good one that’s all I need

As a hospitality professional I used to have my coffee on the run between 4 & 6 am whilst solving what ever crisis was obscuring our smoother sailing

Now I take time & enjoy my double shot flat white.

Sitting in a cafe chatting with staff, other customers patting dogs & posting social media content for @perfectly_imperfectyogis.

When I was working hospitality I was still strictly a one coffee per day kinda girl, my staff new not to let me have two.... I would be way to jacked up & more like Roadrunner than should be humanly possible.

The problem with a life in the worlds most socially anti social work place - Hospitality, is that you would have your coffee anywhere between 4am & 6am. Without fail any attempt at creating caffeine ritual would be rudely interrupted by a crisis of any weird & whacky variety...... Staff no show, repair person falling though roof, food delivery being derailed, invoice not being paid by Head Office, toilet issues, equipment failure.....god help us if its the coffee machine..... the list is endless. If there is a day when something doesn't go wrong you are literally on edge waiting for the call thinking you are being pranked.

Then its adios amigos to your much loved morning caffeination.

So as I was planning my escape, working my way through project "Kitty Creates Her Life By Design" I asked myself first what the day of my dreams looked like? Surprisingly it didn't involve a private jet & me saying "Tahiti, James" from the on board spa pool. I did however come up with the the following 4 requirements

1) Get out of bed when I felt like it

Firstly this was about not letting anyone tell me when I had to be "in the office"

Secondly no one was ever gonna rip the doona off me ever again. Note to future boyfriends or husband, do this & you can let your self out, never to return. I'm serious.

2) Coffee on my terms. i.e I get to sit and enjoy my double shot flat white for as long as I dam well please I want to enjoy it , no rushing, no forgetting where I put it down or leaving it for dead.

3) Yoga Asana & meditation practice, this is not a luxury for me (nor should dit be for you) My daily practice is essential to my mental health, my physical wellbeing & my spiritual evolution. I know that when I asana & meditate and put effort into self study and study in general, I am a better version of myself.

4) To be where I want to be when I want to be there. I know this sounds vague, but it was about having freedom to make my own decisions & call the shots. It covered travel, food, study, adventure, friends, family & travel I know I already mentioned that but travel & food rated highly on this list.

Four months later, I had created exactly that. I had moved to Bali, was teaching yoga asana and meditation, coaching clients to create their dream life , taking my sweet sweet time having delicious morning coffee. I don't even have doona so there was zero chance of it being ripped off(never mind the absence of a boyfriend lol). Traveling, eating and being where I wanted to be when I needed to be there.

Then Camp Covid shat the bed.

My daughter and I were in New York last Christmas, it was a dream come true!!!! We both have and love our morning coffee rituals. She had actually done an excel spreadsheet of all the best coffee locations in NYC & read the reviews!!! We went to all of them, I loved that she did that.

Times have changed, today our ritual involves us taking a snap of our coffees & comparing french pastry notes from afar via Messenger. FYI Bali has game in the pastry stakes! I love to sharing this ritual with my daughter although I miss not being able to do it in person I have missed a whole year of not being able to hug her and for us to just hang out.

This year we had planned to be in Japan for Christmas. Now I am one of those people who won’t get to celebrate Christmas with their family & friends or be in Japan with my daughter as planned. I acknowledge that there are people in way worse circumstances than mine, my heart goes out to them. These are isolation challenges like we couldn't have ever imagined.

So on the daily I am finding joy in the little things, celebrating that I have so many wonderful things in my life. Like the fact that I can enjoy my morning coffee without the pressure of a crisis leaving it cold. I cannot tell you how pleasurable this is. Its bliss.

There are only 3 sleeps till our Christmas morning coffee, my daughter and I will share our ritual over FaceTime. We have also agreed not to watch Elf until we can do it in front of the same TV, this another of our Christmas rituals, we even have matching Elf T-shirts will probably make spaghetti with maple syrup and drink coca cola straight form the bottle!

Yesterday I sent direct message about the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, I ended my message with my Christmas coffee ritual countdown " Three Sleeps till Christmas coffee xxxkit " . Many people messaged back thanks you, & happy holidays & just lovely notes really!!! Thanks to everyone who messaged me!

But there was one message that was not a lovely thank you note. I responded politely from a place of kindness, but somewhere our buttons were pushed. I had hoped to turn it around, thinking our potential friendship was a glimmer of hope in a digital desert, but alas alack it was a mirage. Her loathing for my coffee love came as a double helping of cold harsh judgment with a side order of dogmatic dictatorial . For some reason I was like like a red flag to her tea bull, such a shame cause I genuinely love tea and new friends!!!

So no new tea loving friend for me today. Just so you know I will continue to celebrate the space I have carved out in my day just for me because there were 28 years of not doing just that.

So please expect that I will go on celebrating and sharing this ritual for some time to come


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