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I need a new over the shoulder yogi bolder holder! The evolution of the Asana Yoga Top

Bali September 2021,

Dear Universe,

Its been two years since I purchased my last yoga top, I can't find anything that supports my beewbs and doesn't flatten them to within an inch of their perky little lives. What to do???


Sometimes I think that I should stop meditating and turn off the creative tap, or not.

Shopping for beewb worthy tops in Bali during the last two years created a shopping crisis for me. Not only did many of yoga shops shut but production came to a halt as yogis returned to their countries of origins taking their micro brands and dreams with them.

Stock in the shops, that have stayed open has not turned over & brands have been reluctant to produce anything. We haven't seen a fashion update on the island in two years.... I am still wearing shorts from 2019 and strangely I am good with that.

Thi does pose a problem though when you are wearing and washing your yoga gear daily. Regardless of how careful you are eventually the elasticity wears thin and you need to find an upgrade.

An empty island, shops low on or carrying aged stock was disheartening, looking for favourite pieces only to find the brands defunct or online stocks empty and manufacturers not manufacturing.

Shopping online in mainstream stores like Shopee, Tokopedia & Lazada only showed me low end, cheap, ugly ill-fitting tops with obligatory white padding/ nipple covers/ breast enhancers/ trash? What exactly are those things and why do manufacturers feel compelled to add them in?

Often items looked like they were left over from grannies knicker collection circa 1954. So thats a no from Kitty

If you are over 160cm every thing is low rise & 3/4 leg. I am 51, for the most part I am trying to hold it together, if I was 25 I would probably think differently. There were also designs & sizes that would swim on my size 6 daughter and look like they were made for a 6 year old who goes to the grown up disco. Part porn part unicorn glitter, who wears that????

No no no no no.

What was there left to do but create my own tops? This is how the Asana Yoga Top was born.

Part out of necessity and part out of a desire for leopard print which has become a bit of an obsession, I think it may have been cool 3 or 4 years ago but since I haven't left Gilligans Island for a couple of years now I can't be blamed for thinking its still the height of fashion.

If I was going to make one for me, I figured I may as well make a few to sell and sell they did!! Then I got an order for a collection of pieces and now I find myself constantly on the hunt for cool coloured lycra,

I have also added a second top to the range called the "All Day" because its like a cross between a bra and a yoga top and a bikini that doesn't dig in anyway or anywhere & makes all beewbs beautiful :)

I have been sewing since I was a kid, my parents would know when I was going out as I would be at my sewing machine whipping up something new.... I am no stranger to the dressmaking scissors & the Janome. I used to make all my own competition costumes for aerobics competition and for myself so I always had cool gear that I had fashioned myself usually minutes before I was due to run out and wear it teaching a class!

I love silk sarees. My grandmother gifted me her wedding sarees, and told me if I ever cut them up she would rise from her grave and come after me!! (she really seriously said that) I still have them, untouched alongside a collection of antique sarees that I hunted down in my travels through India.

My obsession with silk and recycled silk started when I was about 15 I when I began hand painting silk. Then when I moved to Malaysia at 17 silk sarees become an obsession. Eventually travel to India I went to all the silk places I had read about and collect sarees & fabrics i could not bear to leave on the shelf, then i started to design manufacture in dresses selling them in markets around NSW for 4 years I had a fashion label called SareeMe.

Fact: I should never be left un chaperoned in a sari shop in India

When I was in Port Hedland my yoga studio had a little shop with its own Port Shed Yoga singlets, a range of leggings & yoga accessories. It did well.

So I guess its a natural progression or regression either way I am happy that I have all this back up experience and that I was able to produce something cool that was made with love here on my island home of Bali.

My Tukang Habit or seamstress, sewer man.... lets roll with tailor is about 20 minutes drive form where I live in Seminyak Bali. He has a small shop with a group of sewers working from home, whom I have met. They prefer working this way as they get to spend the day with their families, and are grateful for the work in this quiet time.

They are paid per item and it is a fixed rate, and not cheap as chips. This was important to me to meet the people that would be doing the work make sure they were happy with good conditions & good pay.

I am grateful, and they are way way more skilled than I.

So may I present you with the Perfectly Imperfect Yogis "Asana" Yoga Top and its body the "All Day " soon to come are yoga pants, yoga mats cover all tops.

We already have our range of singlets which say Just Breathe, Happiness, Spiritually Remastered, Namaste, Om and Master Breather

You can purchase all of the above via Facebook, Instagram, my website If you would like to order whole sale shoot me an email & lets chat :)


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