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Bali right of passage & it effing hurts

So please gawd hope my dad doesn't read this lol because all the "I told you so's" & "bloody hell catherine's" the words I dread hearing will be the musical rumminations that play on in my head.... So soz in advance dad & you were right it totally wasn't my fault.

Firstly please don't stress I remain a fully intact human- I have a few scabs on my left leg & a burn on my right calf that I have heard referred to as a Bali Kiss, a Thai Kiss, a Vietnamese Kiss you get the picture anywhere that there is scooters & motorbikes right....

I am doing pretty well on the Scooty confidant yet vigilant I probably look like I am riding with a carrot up my but to be honest. The beer virus sitch has provided an excellent opportunity to get used to riding around with less than usual traffic & limited bogans...

Australians you will be pleased to know that we no longer have the honour of being the only bogans in the world, Russians in Bali have quite nicely sided up to us on the track & we have handed over the batton & they are racing ahead... So we stay out of Kuta & The Gu.....

So the story goes I had just had acupuncture with chicken lady... who I love & I will write about seriously I love her best deep tissue massage in Bali. I was riding home turned right into a gang (laneway) & a fellow over took two people coming out clipped the back of me & tipped me into a wall I was doing 2km per hour at this stage... no speed what so ever but enough to get a bump & scratch on the left leg & as I went to pick up the bike ... rookie error leaned in for the kiss on the leg form the exhaust. OUCH. the diver of the other bike was long gone....

Bless the local gent that helped me.... grabbed the bike & moved/ rode it aside & walked me into the "clinic of convenience" located directly opposite where it happened. The service was swift & knowledgable the translation easy.... thankfully as my Indo even under stress was good.

So the wounds were washed with a fresh bottle of water & placenta gel applied. The end

So in Australia we have burn patches I have had one before it healed a seatbelt burn around my neck. I watched it with morbid fascination as the bandage filled with my healing white blood cells & repaired my burn. Today you would never even know it was once a thing.

So I did ask whose placenta exactly was in the placenta gel & I didn't get a straight answer, I am not even going to presume anything.....perhaps its best not to know & just be appreciative of its existence. The product is from China & the laws here do not require the listing of ingredients in the same way that Australia does. I did read an article that quoted the use of placenta as both "effective and rewarding"... I can say as ugly as the burn looks I have washed it twice daily with colloidal silver generously gifted to me by a friend & applied the placenta gel & it is healing nicely. Bird baths it is as there is no way that I am letting the grotty Balinese tap water near my injured skin pretty sure that would be a recipe for infection.

I think this will be my station for the next two weeks as the healing process continues & I mediate on a be-ing a strong & healthy be-ing ... Not just for me but the whole world in this beer virus global down time....

Perhaps mother nature is trying to send us a message maybe she is saying OUCH & asking us to please stop harming her she may have been feeling choked by all global emissions, pollution & smoke of the last 12 months fires in Australia & the Amazon and is trying to bring herself back into balance by putting us all in our home country naughty corners & telling us to have a time out. We can see the pollution lessening day by day.... This is our wake up call.

So here I am nursing my first right of passage wounds. How did I get home you ask well after the adrenaline wore off, I lent in to give the lady in the clinic a hug & I finally had a mini cry. I had to get back on the horse, so I rode the scooter home I swore at a pedestrian called him a few expletives for crossing right in front of me took a deep breath of "you can do this kit" & dug deep but I did it. I could have walked away, but i didn't I am back on my scoots getting my self from A to B. I will not be defeated, but I will take a time out t rest & recover.


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