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10 Things I love about Bali

Today I was taking a break lying by the pool reading a book and a butterfly landed on the pages of my book and just hung out there for a few minutes and then flitted off to its next perch. Bali

Every day is a beautiful day here on the island of the Gods. I beach walk twice a day most days and I always, always take a moment to express gratitude for choosing to live here, choosing a life that I mostly love.

I say mostly because not every day is friggin sunshine coconuts and frangipanis, its life right?? And that 4 letter electric word life is a bag of skittles as we get deeper into this analogy, I don't really like the green ones however I cant buy a bag of red and purple ones so the take away here is you have to take the good with the bad. Which brings me full circle as to why I wrote this blog I had to balance it out with the 10 things I hate about Bali blog from the other day.

I often get asked why I chose to live here in Bali and the answer is easy, its close to my daughter she lives and works in Australia. Bali is closer to Australia than India which was also on the short list. Never mind that Australia may as well have been on another planet for the last two years. Honestly I probably would have lived anywhere in South East Asia but I already spoke pretty fluent Bahasa so that made the decision it a little easier. Then there are all the awesome things about Bali that inspire millions of adventurers from all over the world to grace her sunny shores and spiritual spaces.

Here are ten of those awesome things

1. Yoga Breath and Meditation classes group trainings and workshops are everywhere on the island with some truly inspiring teachers in some amazing locations. Beachside morning yoga, forest mediations, cliff side Kirtan, full moon sound healings, Its all here all and you can dip you toe in all manner of traditions, styles and experiences. Curate your yoga breath and mediation to include surfing lessons, private tuition and healings. Its all here nestled in the in amongst the volcanoes, rice fields beaches woven into ceremony and the culture of this spectacular and diverse island.

2. GoJek and Grab. Brilliant. Want to go some where? Open the app, book the ride and go, its ridiculously cheap, efficient and completely trackable via the map on the app. If you come to Bali down load this app.

3. GoJek and Grab Brilliant. You want food they will bring you that too!! `Open the app, find your favourite restaurant search the menu and bingo what ever you want straight to your door! you can search by cuisine, by location, by price it even saves your favourites. There is an excellent rewards programme the more you order the better the discounts!

4. Pizza yep it gets a mention because there is so much bloody good pizza in Bali. Warung Italia I love you.

5. Beaches beaches and more beaches. Bali is home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches soz but Canggu definitely does not make the list. Where ever you live you are not far from the ocean and Bali has some of the worlds most spectacular surf breaks whist simultaneously being a total blessing for newbie surfers (like me). Kuta beach is actually the forth longest beach in the world! So pack your bikini

6. Riding your scooter every where. If you can ride a scooter you leave Bali traffic behind! Dont come here with plans to learn how to ride one thats a less than safe option, take lessons and become proficcient before you get here. Bali traffic can be hectic but the whole island becomes accesible when you can ride a scooter. The alternative is obviously GoRide or Grab as per point 2

7. Most dog friendly island in the world. You can take your dogs to most cafes restaurants and mine even comes while I have a massage or a pedicure!

8. Self care to the max Mani, pedi, massage, facials, float tanks, acupuncture, acupressure, bio hacking, healing, body work, ceremonies, IV's home delivered the list of self care options on this awesome island is endless and oh so accessible. If you don't make use of these services this is me sayin Yo Krazee Gurrl

9. Food. cafe culture, foodie fabulous and dining deliciousness eating options here in Bali are next level. Its a melting pot of cultures chefs and cuisines from the world over, throw in amazing fresh local produce and you are on a roll. If you know where to look what to order where. This island brings it. Step away from the bule and get your self some local

10. Bali the people customs culture ceremonies. Everyday here is a blessing and that is due to the welcoming nature of the Balinese people their love and respect of their island home the calendar of ceremonies that melts its way into every moment of every day.

bonus points: sorry I couldn't stop....

11. Squirrels

12. Coconuts

13. Waterfalls

14. Wearing holiday attire all year round is perfectly acceptable.

Yep I for shiz bangs could have made this a 10 page essay there is so much awesomeness here!

Would love to hear what your favourite things are!! let me know in the comments


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