Breathe Bend Sit

Welcome!!  Your life in yoga really doesn't need much just you and your breath!

Learn how to sustainably weave the practices of breath yoga & meditation into your busy life for more joy & happiness.

Meet Kit Cat entrepreneur, committed yogi, sharer of practice, mentor, coach, leader of retreats masterclasses & workshops.
Best Selling Author, Breathe Bend Sit Sustain, Yoga Journal, Joy & Happiness Planner.

My hope is to inspire students to weave the practices of breath, yoga & mediation in to their lives to live with purpose, health, joy & happiness

So lets hop on the rubber rectangle, find joy in your journey, warmth in your heart and a sense of true belonging as we breathe bend & sit our way towards the happiest healthiest version of you!

Yoga is just a practice

That becomes a habit 

That changes your life






Breathe Bend Sit are the three pillars of practice that I share. 

My vision is to inspire you live a life of purpose, health joy & happiness! 

My goals is to help you sustainably weave the practices  of breath yoga and meditation into your busy life, as you go on your own personal journey of letting go , reconnecting, discovering a greater sense of self, finding your strengths and the courage to live the life of your dreams.

This is a community for sharing and supporting love, joy, falling over & getting back up!

HI I am Perfectly Imperfect Kit Cat  committed yogi, entrepreneur  breath yoga & meditation coach living in Bali Indonesia, where i have a vegetarian restaurant @Omiesbali 

I tell all my secrets to my fur child Charlie Bali who adopted me at the beginning of the pandemic. 

You will find me sharing practice, leading workshops, masterclasses, retreats and travel adventures, always  supporting you on your journey with essential life skills, tips, tools and motivational moments.

Shaking off stress, saying adios to anxiety & overcoming overwhelm may not be about getting better as it is about letting go, letting go of everything that is not you. 

Peeling back the layers until you let go of all the expectations, trauma, limiting beliefs letting go of what doesn't serve you. Finding your strength, courage purpose and a greater sense of self as your breathe bend & sit your way to more joy and happiness. with warmth in your heart & a sense of true belonging 

Becoming who you are, who your are meant to be.

Perfectly Imperfect..... yes we are!

Welcome!! I am so happy to have you here 

Breathe Bend Sit



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Australia & Bali Indonesia 

Bali +62 878 5582 5434 Aus +61 404 00 88 18

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My name is kit cat

I am a mother , daughter, sister, friend

Currently living in Bali where I am loving creating the life of my dreams 

Breath and Yoga Coach live here in Bali with classes and retreats and Yoga India Adventures. You can find me online!

I am a lover of food & coffee with my own range of Yoga/ Surf/ Adventure tops & T shirts!  I sprinkle my days with other creative projects too!! 

100% need the ocean and the velvet ears of my fur baby Charlie!

In previous incarnations I was a Hospitality Manager & Specialist Consultant, in & around this I taught aerobics for 12 years. in the back ground is work as a PT, Ice skating, netball & 12 years of dancing & teaching RAD ballet.

Detours away from hospitality found me recruiting senior level executives, then owning my own labour hire company & my very own fashion label.

I am exhausted just reading that back to myself!!

Thankfully I found a rubber rectangle & took a Bikrim class  nearly vomited but completed the 7 days and was hooked on moving my asana!!! After rolling it out for 12 years I have finally found more joy & happiness than I ever thought possible!

My passion is for encouraging new yogis onto the rubber rectangle one breath at a time!

Coaching people to sustainably weave the practices of breath, yoga asana and meditation into your busy life 

So you can connect to your authentic self, find stillness then dive into your well of creativity so that you can find more joy & happiness. 

If you follow me on The Gram, Tik Tok YouTube Pinterest or FaceBook, Charlie often features in my tutorials the little fur weasel!

 the last two years has been a super creative with the evolution of the restaurant, becoming a Best Selling author -Intuitive and being a guest speaker on a number of podcasts and group trainings!

Want to learn how to weave these practices into your life?

Check out my book Breath Bend Sit Sustain on Amazon  and the FREE corresponding tutorials on YouTube

CreateYour Life By Design 

10 week one on one supportive mentoring program Learn how to create the life that you have always wanted,

In this bespoke training you will learn to let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you back, Breathing Bending & Sitting your way to more joy & happiness

This course comes with a warning. You will change Your life!!!

Yoga Is just a practice
That becomes a habit
That changes your life

I look forward to getting to know you and  supporting your change journey!!!

peas love & mung beans