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Breathe Bend Sit Sustain

Welcome!!  Your life in yoga really doesn't need much just you and your breath!

This is yoga for beginners and busy people!! Learn to sustainably weave the practices of breath yoga & meditation into your busy life for more joy & happiness.

Hey I'm Kit Cat committed yogi, sharer of practice, author, blogger, creator, coach, leader of retreats masterclasses & workshops.

Best Selling Author of Breathing Through Stress & Anxiety Breathe Bend Sit Sustain, Joy & Happiness Planner.

My hope is to inspire you to weave the practices of breath, yoga & mediation in to their lives to live with purpose, health, joy & happiness

Yoga is just a practice

That becomes a habit 

That changes your life


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Breathing Through Stress & Anxiety 

Learn to be a better breather  connecting with your effortless yet powerful superpower is life changing

Available on Amazon

Breathe Bend Sit Sustain

Learn how to sustainably weave the practices  of breath yoga and meditation into your busy life!

Available on Amazon aligned with self paced online learning 

Joy & Happiness Planner

go on your own personal journey of letting go , reconnecting, discovering a greater sense of self, finding your strengths and the courage to live the life of your dreams.

Breathe Bend Sit Transform

12 weeks transformational coaching  . If you know something has gotta give and you are ready for radical change. 

Book a call lets chat and see if we are a good fit!


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Australia & Bali Indonesia 

Bali +62 878 5582 5434 Aus +61 404 00 88 18

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I was anxiety ridden, stressed out living like I was on fire and raging a one woman war against the world I was faking fabulous on the outside but inside was all kinds of fucked up. There were a lot of tears, it was hard  everything was hard. I had no idea how to change and didn't have the tools transition out of it.

The there was YOGA 

Imagine if you could live anxiety free, finding you have more energy, are healthier, rediscover your creativity and passions. reclaiming your joy & happiness. Living the life that you desire the life of your dreams


How do you work with me? Good question!!

One on One Coaching We spend  1.5 hours together as I curate bespoke breath yoga & meditation practices for you to take with you. 

Breathing Through Stress & Anxiety Reclaim your super power your powerful yet effortless breath. Learn how to be a better breather, so that you can glide through life with steadiness & ease. Balanced and happy.

Breathe Bed Sit Sustain Learn to sustainably weave the practices of breathe yoga asana & meditation

into your busy life for more joy & happiness. This is self paced on line learning or a 4 day retreat! Yogis choice. Perfect if you are new to the rubber rectangle or have been practicing for a little while but want a little more insight on how to get the most out of your on and off mat practices. 

Breathe Bend Sit Transform. Learn how to up level your life using the systems of Yoga for a whole of life  transformation. Learn how to apply the practices off the mat and beyond the asana to explore your potential.  Living the life you desire, the life of your dreams. This is a 12 week transformation program where we work one on one to up-level your life. Its not for everyone and there are limited spaces - book a call lets see if we are a good fit to work together. 

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