Introduction to Breath & Yoga

Breathe Bend Sit are the three pillars of practice that I share in my classes online courses & international retreats 


Reign in your mind with your breath

Breathe so you can bend

Bend so you can sit

Sit so you can find stillness

Its in the sitting that we connect into our authentic self enabling us to dive into our well of creativity enabling us to live a life of joy & happiness

This 6 hour online training includes:

  • BREATHE Better Breathing workshop 

  • BEND Brief history of Yoga, from its origins to our modern day experiences, what is a life in Yoga?Workshop Sun Salutations A &B Including video tutorials with modifications

  • Workshop: Chaturanga - The how to. including video tutorials with modifications

  • Yoga terminology names & shapes so you can make your way through a class with confidence

  • Led practices in Vinyasa Yoga Yin Yoga & Meditation 

  • Over 10 hours of video content 

  • Recommended reading

  • Selfwork

  • access to our private Facebook group

Are you ready to roll out your rubber rectangle & give it some love???

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see you one the rubber rectangle so we can breathe bend & sit our way to heath & happiness together