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Take Your Yoga With You & New Adventures

Bali had the worst traffic ever this past week, so luckily I had already planned to do sweet FA diddly squat. Half of Java sent their pembantus (hired help) in their big black box cars on the ferry to Gili Manuk so they could choke the tiny jalans of their tiny neighbouring island paradise, Bali. While the aforementioned owners of the big black box cars flew from the Big J (Jakarta) to the little D (Denpasar) where their big black box cars contained them air conditioned in traffic for the next hour or so, till they arrived at their air conditioned hotel suites and Gojek ninjas delivered them inane amounts of mie goreng and fried chicken.

The reason that I planned a week of sweet FA was that I really needed to do zero after closing my cafe, no talking explaining or having to be anywhere. I could go down the track of making this a Grade A bitch fest about the events leading the close and the week prior, but I am not going to because a life in yoga has taught me a few things. The ins, outs ups, downs and interactions of that week held up signs to let me know exactly how monumental those changes have been for me.

What I will say is that I am proud, proud of me for opening a beautiful space with amazing staff serving delicious food & awesome coffee. In the middle of a pandemic we created a community, bringing people together sharing stories supporting each other there was lots of laughter and it was profitable, yes profitable. Silver lining, now I have an espresso machine in my house, whats not to love.

Here are some of my reflections:

1. Programmed for sadness, I busted up that conditioning. Even though we closed and I felt like I should have felt sad or broken, like I had lost or was a failure; I didn't. I felt happy, proud and pleased & supported.

2. Intuition, listen to it. When I acknowledged I felt like I was out of alignment I sat with that I looked into how that was impacting other areas of my life and what I actually wanted and what would feel in alignment.

3. Staying cool as a cucumber, I stood right in my truth, used my voice and spoke my words. It felt good.

4. Attachment, non attachment what where how and why, when to hold on and when to let go.

5. Not sitting in judgment, even of myself. knowing that I cannot control the actions of others their decisions good or bad. The only person I am in charge of is me. not my dog, not my daughter, not my neighbours or the loud band down the street.

6. Breathing, breath will help you regulate your emotions, maintain your focus and move you like a stealth ninja through time and space.

7. Taking your yoga with you, is everything.

8. Reflecting with joy and happiness celebrating with the people that helped make this adventure awesome.

9. Man I am efficient and tenacious when I put my mind to something I get shit done.

10. When one door closes, actually i really hate this sentiment its so freekin Hallmark. But if you don't let go of what is not serving you how can you possible have space for all the awesome things to come?

11. Having an espresso machine in your house is pretty awesome. Ok so thats kind of a bonus a serious bonus.

12. I am a super creator and to acknowledge that is bloody awesome. I never thought of myself as creative or more specifically, I didn't think that my creativity was good enough or worthy of celebration. I was wrong. Being creative is everything, and in order to be creative you need to take creative time outs.

This last week allowed me to reflect on what it is that I want next. I kinda struggled to type that "what I want" they sound like kind of selfish words, like I should take them back and not be worried about what I want. But thats social programming for you, and that is just another reason that I breathe bend and sit. These daily activities are where I create space for ideas to bubble and brew. Its where I connect to what it is that I really want to sit with it and see if it fits, feels good, flows for me and around me and is in alignment.

That me time recovery week had me learning to surf which was great for the first two days, day three I pulled a muscle picking up my surf board and was forced to rest for way more days than I anticipated.

After two days of being KO'd I snailed it back to a slow beach walks thinking about what my new class schedule and retreats looked like, how lucky I ma to live in Bali, what dates are gonna work for the Yoga India Adventure, how great my friends are, how much opportunity there is in the world, what do I want what does it look like how does it feel. what do I want to learn? So far its feeling pretty good especially now that my daughter has arrival dates booked. It was the cherry on top of everything.

New Adventures, here is whats on right now!

Bali Class Schedule: Drop in Breathe Bend Sit & have an after class espresso coffee

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.15am private classes also available

For details message me via any of my socials or email me yogis@perfectlyimperfectyogis.com

Bali Rest & Reset Retreats: Sometimes we need a reset! Arrive in Bali and spend 4 days & 3 nights looking after you. US$425 airport pick up, 3 nights peaceful accommodation just two minutes walk to Legian beach, set in lush tropical gardens with pool. Enjoy daily breath yoga and meditation class, workshops, personalised planning session, daily espresso coffee, breakfast, lunch with your afternoons free

For bookings please message me via any of my socials or email me yogis@perfectlyimperfectyogis.com

Yoga India Adventure: October 2022 14 days in Northern India Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur Jodhpur, Agra, Haridwar Rishikesh. This small group 4-5 people will have you drinking roadside chai, traveling & eating like a local with yoga daily and even yoga over looking the Taj Mahal! The final 4 days of he trip are spent in Rishikesh in an Ashram where we spend time breathing bending and sitting in the home of yoga.

For application details please email me yogis@perfectlyimperfectyogis.com

There re other activities in the works such as updating copy, socials and books as well as two new books on the way. I am excited for this new chapter! The black boxes have gone back to the bi island, traffic has returned to its more peaceful less gridlocked pace and I am back on the surfboard this week. Its business as usual and it feels good.

Peas Love & Mung Beans

see you in class


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