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My Life in Bali We are waiting: Patiently Impatient.

As I type I am sitting here listing to binaural beats its a Self Love frequency meditation on YouTube

100% do not know what wrong with me, not just today but the last 6 months, is it just me? Am I depressed? Is it continued covid uncertainty? Is it that I feel like I am failing at every turn? am I lacking direction, tenacity or application?

And where the fuck is my mojo? Its definitely was not in the chocolate bar that I just smunched. PMT??

My day...I taught a class, did my breath & yoga asana practices meditated, had coffee played with my dog and went to the beach. Then thought about writing my blog, struggled to decide what to eat for lunch, so went for my default meal sour dough toast with sliced avo two poached eggs and my home made chili salt. Then a smack into the side of my non tekkie brain I learned that I had made a monumental eff up with my website and SEO, not like a small one a big fat flashing one one that has gone on 3 years.

When I have a bad day or get on an emotional roller coaster I reach into my tool kit, this learning caused an awful lot of very shitty self talk hence the Self Love Frequency Meditation which I pulled from my tool kit. The SEO I have now fixed and will continue to work on it say for the next three years to make up for my failure. Insert sad face. My self talk, I will work on that daily too. Oh and if you are reading this blog please feel free to leave me a google review now that my Googlieness is fully Googlafied.

Bali is a beautiful place, I am totally residing on what has been the deserted tropical island of your dreams. Bali beaches are clean white or volcanic glittery black and expansive, coconuts are readily available & the local food tasty beyond belief leaving me closing my eyes silently thanking the food gods every single day. So why am I still feeling so crappaggio?

When Camp Covid first started putting its hand up for attention I wrote about it killing our connection and digging a grave for the very thing that we all crave... our longing for belonging. Then BAM we belonged to no one as our Camp Covid Commanders sequestered us clandestine assignations with our lockdown full fridges and spun us to believe we were lucky to get an iso bin outing. Remember getting dressed up to put the bin out?? That was actually creative genius.

But here we are, but are we there yet?

Phase one: Fear & uncertainty with a side order of anxiety! The data collection phase where we were on information overload

Phase two: We got busy creating our new normal It was a warp speed rearranging of every aspect of our lives

Phase three: Exhaustion equals Netflix and well nothing else cause we are bloody exhausted.

Phase four: Is the ok what’s next?? This is our opportunity, while we have some space, to think about and create what it is that we really want.

Phase 5: Can the adults please fly? And no I don't want to go back to the office which also looks like; I miss my friends and specifically me I need to hug my daughter and also get a few things out of storage.

We get a release date and then that gets pushed forward & more forward into an uncertain future

Seriously I think that Phase Five is like that orgasm where you get super close you think its soooo going to happen and some random thought pops into your head and its over again till next month, The promise of tourist arrivals to Bali I mean .. not my orgasms, I have those down to a fine art.

I am busy, with the busyness of being busy staying healthy, happy and positive as well as holding space for my creativity and remembering always to be grateful. When I walk the beach in the morning and the evening I tell Charlie my dog how lucky I am to have her and how blessed we are to live in Bali.

Why do we need a gratitude practice?

  • Gratitude is essential if we desire to have life filled with more joy and happiness as well as better orgasms.

  • Gratitude is more than just a momentary good feeling, it can help you feel more satisfied in life and can boost your self-esteem.

  • Gratitude improves your mental health

  • Gratitude strengthens our positive bias we are programmed to expect failure so as we start rewiring this programming. We expect better outcomes its at the very heart of manifesting.

  • Gratitude makes us more resilient and optimistic. It doesn't mean we never experience sadness or negativity it means we can shift our emotional state more easily if we practice gratitude.

  • Gratitude practices improve our health, boost our immunity and activate our parasympathetic nervous system as well as help us sleep better at night!

  • Gratitude practices help us make better decisions about nutrition which is a game changer for our life experience in this body

  • Gratitude practices help us build stronger connections, appreciate the people around us give and receive love. Its strengthens our social connections we fulfil our basic human need our longing for belonging

  • Gratitude practice helps us to see that we wouldn’t be where we are without the help of others.

How to find, feel and express gratitude.

  • Make it a daily practice, we have to remember every day to acknowledge the good around you and take note of the amazingness that is present in your lives.

  • Gratitude means learning that the source of this goodness is outside the self; aka we are not the centre of the universe. We receive the amazingness of others, gifts from the universe or a higher power, and from the world in which we live. Gratitude practice helps us to see that we wouldn’t be where we are without the help of others.

  • Speak your gratitude out loud, talking to your self is not a sign of madness! Its going to reinforce the message.

  • Write down what it is that you are grateful for. Read it and write some more

  • Share your gratefulness with your family, friends and kids cultivate a practice of sharing what you are each grateful for this will help create better connections!

  • Take three deep breaths and with each breath remind yourself of something small for which you are grateful, these things doesn't have to be grandiose, it can be your breath, your bed, your toothbrush, your dog.

We are grateful to have experienced Bali as the quiet peaceful island paradise that for many years was lost beneath the river of people that have eaten prayed and loved their way all over the island.

We can wait to welcome you back, just so you know Canggu is the new Kuta but where you need a scooter because nothing is really walking distance and the beaches are not nearly as pretty as the Kuta Seminyak stretch. But the good news is they fixed the short cut, and we are super grateful all those massive billboards are down!

Bali has been waiting patiently impatient for tourists her tourist friends to return . Bali Airport is open and planes are slowly returning with tourist people in them. We are grateful. I am grateful.


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